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Visit Ethiopia with the Harvard Club:  March 27
Welcome to the newest event on the Harvard Club calendar:  A night of Ethiopian culture and cuisine at Lalibela Restaurant in New Haven.  Enjoy sumptuous, authentic Ethiopian food, eaten in the traditional manner - by hand - and a strong dose of education, music and camaraderie with fellow Harvard alumni from across the region.  This will be a very special evening, but registration is limited so learn more and reserve your spot today.


We need interviewers.  We need You!

If you want to help us interview the amazing applicants to Harvard from southern Connecticut, don't wait...contact us today.  Applications to Harvard are increasing every year, which is great news.  If this trend continues, however, we won't have enough interviewers to meet all of these outstanding young people; a time-honored tradition for our club.  If you can remember how pivotal your interview was to your Harvard experience, you will want to continue to "pay it forward" and give that same experience to the present-day version of yourself.

Don't wait.  The Class of 2021 is knocking on Harvard's door.  Please visit our Interviewer page to learn more and get involved.  Thank you for your much needed help!


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It's Membership Time.  Join or Renew Today.

Your dues and your additional support for programs, such as the Harvard Book Prize and the Summer Community Service Fellowships help the club achieve its mission of promoting Harvard in Southern Connecticut and fostering excellence among young people in our communities.  Please consider starting or renewing your club membership.  Join us today...


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