This Is Your Year to Interview

Quick, Convenient and Fun:  On Zoom

All interviews for the Class of 2025 will take place on Zoom or Skype or Microsoft Teams or whichever platform is most convenient.  Meeting terrific young peopel in person is always more rewarding, but now it's easier to get you to sign on as an interviewer.  You set the schedule, host a 40 minute virtual interview with the candidate and complete a quick online interview report, all from your living room.

Whether in-person or online, there is no bigger moment in a high school student's career than their college admission.  As an interviewer, you have the honor and pleasure of getting to know the future of Harvard and to play a critical role in their college decisions.  At the same time, you are one of Harvard's ambassadors in southern Connecticut.  The opportunity to interview students is a unique privilege of Harvard degree recipients and we hope you will take advantage of it, especially this year when it's just so darn convenient!  Please join our team.  We need you.  Learn more about interviewing for the 2020-21 school year.


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Your dues and your additional support for programs, such as the Harvard Book Prize and the Summer Community Service Fellowships help the club achieve its mission of promoting Harvard in Southern Connecticut and fostering excellence among young people in our communities.  Please consider starting or renewing your club membership.  Join us today...

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