Year after year, graduates of the College around the world work with the Admissions Office through their local clubs to interview thousands of applicants worldwide for undergraduate admission. Our Club in Southern Connecticut is no exception, and we have a large pool of qualified applicants every Admissions season.

Alumni pitch in to meet with the students and submit interview-based evaluations in time for the Admissions Committee meetings in Cambridge.

It is always interesting and gratifying to meet students and advocate for them from the home front. An alumnus's local perspective can go a long way to clarify a student's achievement and character in terms of the community and the opportunities available there.

Interviewers routinely comment on the pleasure they derive from hearing the life stories and interests of young people. Applicants often say that meeting with a thoughtful and engaged alumnus allowed them to relax, shine, and think on their feet in an enjoyable way!

If you are interested in helping with this important work, please contact our Schools and Scholarships Chair, Jennifer Tombaugh AB'90, MBA'95 at